Gap Filler’s Spring Feast Art Auction Exhibition

– Curated by Dr.Melissa Reimer 2013

“In her painterly practice Sharnaé Beardsley celebrates the beauty of natural forms while also subtly alluding to humankind’s desire to control and cultivate nature. Her painstakingly beautiful ink and watercolour works are based on close observation and the artist’s rich imagination. Plants, insects and animals exist in a new light. Predominantly naturalistic surrealism also influences this artist’s brush, as evidenced in her unusual juxtapositions and tendency to reveal the honest, yet sometimes awkward, proportions of her organic specimens.” – M. Reimer

Untitled 031013 (2013). Ink & waterclolor on paper, 380x280mm, sold

Untitled 031013 (2013). Ink & watercolour on paper, 380x280mm, private collection