Sharnae Beardsley Video Still

Untitled 180312 (2012). Video still, 0.24 mins, dimensions variable

Sharnae Beardsley Video StillUntitled 051112 (2012). Video still, 1.48 mins, dimensions variable
Sharnae Beardsley video still

Untitled 201012 (2012). Video still, 0.50 mins, dimensions variable

Sharnae Beardsley Video Still

Untitled 261012 (2012) Video still, 1.24 mins, dimensions variable

Sharnae Beardsley Video Stills

Untitled 050312 (2012). Video still, 3.43 mins, dimensions variable

Sharnae Beardsley video stills

Untitled 150412 (2012). Video still, 3.43 mins, dimensions variable







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