Pollination Ecology (Second Year BFA 2010)

Natural selection has designed flowers to communicate with other species in a way humans will never fully understand. The relationships between plants and their pollinators are continually evolving. My work explores these relationships, celebrates pollination and draws attention to this threatened ecological service. “

Untitled 291110, 021110, 081110, 021210, Installed at ‘The Open Door’ (2010)

Untitled 291110, 021110, 081110, 021210, Installed at The Open Door (2010)


Untitled 291110, 021110, 081110, 021210, Installed at The Open Door (2010)


Untitled 291110, 021110, 081110, 021210, Installed at The Open Door (2010)


Untitled 291110, 021110, 081110, 021210, Installed at The Open Door (2010)


Untitled 1110, Installed at The Open Door (2010)


Untitled 1110, Installed at The Open Door (2010)


Untitled 1110, Installed at The Open Door (2010)

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